Halima Lucas

Halima Lucas is a writer and director from Stockton, California. She is second oldest of nine siblings and the combo platter of unique personalities in her home greatly inspires her storytelling. Having spent a lot of time around kids, stories about children and childhood speak very deeply to her. 

Her passion as a storyteller is to validate voices that are often get lost, unheard, or misunderstood in our world - especially from marginalized communities of people.  Always seeking to make a social impact with her work, her films are purposed to both entertain and educate viewers on social issues. 

She is an alumna of University of the Pacific, where earned her Bachelor’s degree studying communication, film and ethnic studies.  Halima then attended USC’s School of Cinematic Arts where she continued to write and direct short films, including her award winning thesis film, Amelia’s Closet.

Upon graduating from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts with an MFA in Film & TV Production, her thesis film, Amelia’s Closet, became finalist for the 43rd Student Academy Awards, placing in the top eight in the narrative category.  It also won the 2017 American Black Film Festival HBO Short Film Award and 2017 Film Wonderer Award at the Sneakers in Cinema Film festival in Poland.