Jasmine Dellafosse

For the past 4 years Jasmine, along with countless young people in South Stockton, has been finding ways to build community and civic engagement. Life for her and many Stockton youth have elements of social and economic poverty, and it is her personal experience that drives her to do this work.  Jasmine has worked on issues related to disadvantaged student opportunities.  She has served as a site director for summer programs with the Housing Authority and the University of the Pacific to promote literacy and has worked with 100 students  over the past 4  summers to help them design and execute community action plans, thereby becoming active solutions to the problems facing their community. 


In her role as Student Organizer for the South Stockton Schools Initiative since October 2015, she and other South Stockton partners have created a park beautification campaign aimed at reducing blight, graffiti, and gang-related crime with the goal of increasing the number of families who use neighborhood parks. She has worked to help bring access to fresh produce in food desert areas in south Stockton and is currently working with to students to fight for educational change through policy. Currently through her work with students she has partnered with the Mayor Tubbs, Facebook, Street code academy and EnCorps STEM teacher fellowships  to bring more access to STEM and coding opportunities for students in south Stockton. Jasmine will continue to dedicate her time and heart to uplift , empower and equip the future generation to reach their highest potential.