Orlando Jose

My goals are to work in news media or movie production.I’m working as a Camera Operator for the News and doing News Reporting, I’ve like being a movie director, be behind the camera and shoot  short films. My skills are operating camera, setting up studio lights and green screen, working with final cut pro 7 and Adobe premiere CS6. My interest: Is networking in Multi-media, filming Music video, Short commercial’s, Concerts, Weddings, Cooking show, Reality show, Short movie, and covering News Programs and events. Also a camera operator, news broadcaster, and movie production crew or Entertainment News, doing interviews, becoming an actor, and Film Documentary and getting into filming Sports. I’m like a Stockton TMZ cameraman and into Photography, doing the paparazzi scene and taking pictures with my camera and trying to learn about the photoshop program. Falling into the student newspaper of San Joaquin, the collegian and became a Newspaper journalist, Social Media Editor. I also writing stories, photography around the delta college campus, the special events in the community. It has been a new thing for me getting story, meeting the deadlines, listening to the people, and letting their voices be heard.