Tony Hawkins Jr.

Tony Lee Hawkins Jr.
Sensei Toni Lee Hawkins Jr. - Golden Heart

Sensei Tony Lee Hawkins Jr. began his martial arts career in 1993 at Red Dragon Martial Arts in Fresno, California.  He studied Southern Shaolin Kung Fu under Sijo J.R. Correa and Sifu Michelle Correa for 5 years.  At Red Dragon he had met Soke Anton Pointer and began training under him in the system which he co-founded with Shihan Tyrell McGuire (Kemp Kwon Do Karate-Do). He became a 2nd Degree black belt in Kemp Kwon Do and is working towards his 3rd Degree.  Through my extensive martial arts training he won various titles at numerous Open Karate Tournaments.  He's been a Champion, Grand Champion and National Champion as well. He has been teaching karate classes at the Seifert Center in Stockton for over two years.  He has run a karate afterschool program for Acacia Charter School for a year.  He coached youth flag football for the City of Stockton.  Worked as a Youth Development Professional for the Boys and Girls Club during their summer program.  Supervised a Summer Master Gardening Program for the club’s youth in West Modesto at the King Kennedy Center. Performing numerous Martial Arts Demonstrations for the City Of Stockton, the San Joaquin County Troke Branch Library, Acacia Charter School and Muhammad’s Study Group.  Having Associate in Arts Degree in Natural Science from San Joaquin Delta College and had studied Kinesiology at Sacramento State University 2 years.  He lives and teach a healthy lifestyle which consists of regular exercise, utilizing homemade skin & healthcare products, no drinking or smoking, gardening and eating nutrient rich foods.  Sensei Tony's motto is “Talk is cheap, but when you practice what you tell; that’s when both you and your words become priceless.”