What we do


Mobile In-Home Tutorial Program, which assists children in 5th – 8th grade from non-traditional homes. This demographic was chosen because some students in this age range may assume the role of primary care provider for their siblings, parents, or even their elderly grandparents. Furthermore, this demographic population may be prohibited from attending some after school programs for various reasons. The mobile tutoring service will allow this marginalized group an opportunity to succeed in their course work in order to maintain an adequate grade level.

The second tier of our educational services is our College Readiness Program. This program is designed to assist and mentor 9th-12th grade high school students. Our unique approach is a combination of academic support, life skills mentor-ship, and the solid foundation of living examples of collegiate success and highlighting the possibility of college-bound opportunities.

The third tier of our dedication to community education is our Adult Basic Literacy Courses. Individuals 18 years and older will have the opportunity to enroll in our basic literacy courses that are designed to prepare students to become eligible to earn their General Education Diploma (GED). The GED Preparatory courses are offered for bi-lingual students as well.

Due to recent cuts to remedial classes and new acceptance standards for certain Stockton colleges, the Adult Basic Literacy Courses and College Readiness Program are paramount to maintain greater resident access to a college education.


The Dome of Hope also has an Employment Development Division. This facet of operations focuses on the collaboration of local business partners who commit to a three month to a maximum of six month development/training program. The Dome of Hope pays a minimum wage salary to the potential employers who extend an opportunity to those who are habitually unemployed. Our volunteer team of retired and current entrepreneurs will train and coach our clients in completing an application, correctly organizing and submitting a resume and maintaining a job, in order to increase their ability to provide for themselves and their families.


The last facet of our organization is providing access to Social Resource Opportunities. The Dome of Hope advocates meet one-on-one with clients to find jobs, secure safe and stable housing, health care, food, clothing, and legal assistance. As the client indicates their own goals, the Dome of Hope volunteers assist in delivering actionable services to achieve these goals. This facet provides a “social safety net” for our clients in order to better ensure self-sustainability.

Stepping Stones to Effective Social Change:

Our Commitment – We are committed to assisting individuals and families with tools and resources in order to gain self-sustainability, so they may be productive residents and leaders in their neighborhood.

Our Supporters – Students and faculty at the University of the Pacific, and San Joaquin Delta College; New Spirit Missionary Baptist Church members; city, and county officials, and local community residents and leaders.

Our History – The Dome of Hope was organized October 1998 to serve the Stockton community by providing resource and referral services to a population of impoverished individuals and families. In addition, The Dome of Hope also hosted inspirational and motivational events to unite the community and highlight the diversity within San Joaquin County. One such event was The Dr. Martin Luther King,  Jr. Celebration; at which Mr. Martin Luther King, III was the guest speaker. Other events involved inspirational concerts which focused on elderly residents of Stockton, featuring gospel legends and five-time Grammy Award Winners, the Blind Boys of Alabama. The Dome of Hope is also committed to an annual Thanksgiving Community Dinner; a collaborative effort with the First Baptist Church of Stockton that distributes dinner to 500-800 homeless residents, located throughout Stockton. The Dome of Hope also created the “Golden Heart Award,” which is given to those who have shown exemplary community service and leadership throughout their community.

The Dome of Hope’s recent and upcoming community-building efforts aim to expand from our already strong foundation in order to exponentially enhance the quality of life for residents in the most impoverished areas of Stockton.